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UNOde50 was founded in the late 1990s  by a group of designers who resolved to establish a jewelry fashion brand and accessories that would break all existing molds. The project was based on the creation of pieces with a unique and distinctive style, which soon became known for their flair and innovation. 

This fusion of tradition and modernity was the breeding ground for a new and different brand, steeped in a spirit of craftsmanship and signalling exclusivity through its design and quality. 

The brand started out with the original and exclusive philosophy of creating only 50 units of each design, thereby supplying the trademark name. This unorthodox approach soon proved an unqualified success. 

Over time, UNOde50's production and family grew, although the name has remained in order to remind us that, just as on the very first day, the quality and exclusiveness of each piece are our first priority. 

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