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We’ve all been there. You wake up on a lazy weekend morning, have zero desire to get “ready” for the day, but feel forced to put on a bra the minute your feet hit the floor because of house guests or the inevitable unexpected guest at your door! Not anymore. JuJu Jams reinvented the notion you have to change out of your pajamas or put on a bra to look presentable. Not only are JuJu Jams luxe pajamas that double as loungewear, they also feature our built-in-bra offering 100% support with no restraint, modest design and superior quality. This is not your average loungewear with a built-in-bra. Every JuJu top is made with our exclusive breathable, adjustable built-in-bra design. It’s twenty-four hour support that acts like a bra, but feels more like a luxurious hug. An attached tie allows for adjustable fit without awkward gaping or underwire. One cinch adjusting allows you to feel put together with ultimate comfort. At the end of the day, we all want to relax, but we still want to look beautiful! That’s exactly what our JuJu Jams built-in-bra accomplishes. 

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